Sexual reflexology is the practice of stimulating pressure points on the feet, hands and ears to increase pleasure during sex.

These reflex points in the body can help increase blood flow to key areas, increasing arousal and improving sexual performance.

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, you should learn how to incorporate sexual reflexology into your bedroom routine so you can have even more fun in bed!

What is Sexual Reflexology?

Sexual reflexology is an ancient Chinese healing art that focuses on bodily zones known as reflex points (or acupressure points), which when stimulated with a finger or through massage, impact both physical and emotional wellbeing by releasing blocked energy in specific meridians in our bodies.

The term sexual refers not only to our genital areas, but also encompasses all organs within our bodies that are deemed to have a yin or yang characteristic—which means that if either of these organs are out of balance, it will have repercussions on all other organs within our body.

If these sexual organ/meridians become unbalanced, they start vibrating on a slower frequency and any build-up of excessive energy is then stored inside these areas instead of flowing freely into other parts of your body.

How To Use It?

This is one of my favourite practices and one that I recommend most highly to women – and most especially, women who have menstrual cycles or suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

If a woman has no need for such a healing practice, she may still find it of use in balancing her feminine energy in preparation for other practices or any time during her cycle when she wants to relieve tension around sexuality issues.

Once you master being able to access your own sexual reflex points – never hesitate to use them! There’s no better way to harmonize your male and female energies so you feel and function at your best all month long. The benefits are enormous.

The Steps Involved In Sexually Stimulating A Woman’s Foot

The most powerful reflex points in a woman’s body are concentrated in her feet, which is why it is so powerful for men to learn about and stimulate these spots during sex.

At first glance, some of them may seem obscure or even creepy, but massage is all about communication—if you’re concerned your partner might not like having certain pressure points manipulated, just ask before you try it out!

The more confident you are with what you’re doing (and trust me, women really do appreciate it), the better—the main things that make massaging any foot sexually exciting is paying attention to what she responds positively to and continuing until she’s completely satisfied.

Sexual Reflexology

Sexual Energy

Sexual reflexology is a practice that heighten sexual pleasure and is based on a simple principle: our genitals determine our gender, and therefore, their energy needs are different from ours.

In other words, there’s a difference between male and female genitals—they’re not just anatomical parts; they actually symbolize how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others in society.

Therefore, if you want to have more satisfying sex, you should learn how to cultivate your own sexual energy or chi (qi) and understand what activates it. The best way to do so is through practicing Tantric sexuality with someone of your opposite sex.

This will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself as well as your partner’s body and mind. It also helps you become more sensitive to each other’s energies so that you can better please one another in bed by transforming them into something more positive and pleasurable than they were before.

Sexual Pleasure

It is important for a man and a woman to feel physically and emotionally comfortable during intercourse. If either partner is self-conscious about their appearance, tension or performance anxiety may result from other areas of life (such as work stress) that are being projected onto one’s sex life.

Thus, it may become difficult for one partner or both to relax during sex if they’re feeling anxious in other parts of their lives. While certain lifestyle choices (diet, exercise habits, etc.) are correlated with physical health outcomes, it has not been conclusively demonstrated whether these factors actually lead to improved physical intimacy because social factors also play an important role in sex life quality.

Sexual Intercourse

According to Reflexology, genital reflexes are located at a few different points on your body, starting with your ears and ending with your toes. Learn how you can use reflexology to achieve a more fulfilling orgasm by massaging these areas during sex (or just foreplay).

If you’re interested in learning more about how Reflexology works, check out Mantak Chia’s Tao of Sexus for more information about activating key points throughout the body which promote arousal, ease and intensify orgasm and help build loving relationships. He’s also created a series of tutorials on Tantra, if you’re interested in exploring further.

Energetic and Emotional Nature

Energy and emotions are crucial when considering male and female challenges with sex. Male energy is yang; it’s forceful, aggressive, forceful and intense, both mentally and physically.

Female energy is yin; it’s more gentle, receptive and passive. Although people of both sexes have these energies within them (to varying degrees), there are generally more males than females with strong masculine energy and men tend to have stronger yang energy simply because many of us were born biologically male.

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