Tell me the average penis size for a male?

These averages will vary from person to person depending on age, race or ethnicity, height, weight and other individual factors such as medical conditions or medications.

For example, people who are overweight may have larger than average erect penises while people who are very tall may have smaller than average erect penises.

However, according to multiple research the average erect penis size, when measured along the top, is about 5.2 inches (13.2cm) in length and 4 in The normal size of the penis without erection is between 3 and 4 inches, and the average penis length in erections is around 5 and 6 inches. For width the average circumference is 3-4 inches when flaccid, and 3-4 inches when seated

There are multiple factors need to be taken into consideration when discussing average penis size including:


Medicated medicines sometimes reduce the size of penis in a certain manner. Several of the antidepressant medicines are added to the list because they can cause invasive bleeding in the uterine tissues.

Finasteride can treat enlarged prostates in men by reducing testosterone levels and changing erectile tissue structure. In addition, prostate surgery and prostate cancer treatments can also have an effect on penile shortness.

Erectile Dysfunction

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the penis isn’t getting all the penis length it deserves even with ED mediations.

EDs are extremely common, affecting more than 50% of males older than 55. They can cause a wide number of psychological issues like relationship problems but can be indicative of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The shape

Whenever one is hurt in his genital area – in an accident like sexual assaults / sports. the scar tissue develops over time.

Depending on age the erection is sometimes made to bend and curve this condition is called Peyronie s syndrome. A penis can sometimes deviate slightly towards one direction, the shape could indicate Peyronie’s disease.

Your weight

You can hold your manhood in place on your abdomen; it appears to push your belly outward when you expand.

As we age, we have abdominal fat pad called pannuses that extend outward to hang on our genitals. This means penguins are often hidden from the birds view and appear longer at its appearance when a penguin emerges from under.


There may be more underlying reasons to quit smoking cigarettes compared to non-smokes to erectile dysfunction. Studies smoking can reduce arousal generally that could result from the release of neurotransmitters or from an inhibiting effect on release of nitric oxide in the blood stream.

Wishful thinking

A US study has shown that sexually activated males tend to overestimate the length of penis size when they report the measures. This may be due to the higher-level male sexual competence and prowess among the people surveyed.

Your age

When you get old your penis can become smaller due to decreased testosterone levels and age-related circulatory problems. One case of this is artery clogging. When you have blood flow in the penis the penis becomes thinner.


In colder seasons, a non-rectile penis usually appears smaller despite being erect.

Penis Enlargement

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis and are interested in enlargement. You can try a number of different methods including:


Penis enlargement supplements, such as Vigrx Plus and Male Extra, promise to increase length, girth, and firmness for improved sexual performance.

However, these claims have not been proven to be scientifically accurate.

Vacuum Pumps:

Stretching Devices: Some people use vacuum pumps to enlarge their penis. These devices pull blood into the shaft when they create a vacuum (a low-pressure environment).

The theory is that over time this increased blood flow will lead to increased tissue growth – but there isn’t enough research on whether or not this actually works.

In some cases, using a vacuum pump can lead to bruising of the genitals and permanent damage (such as erect penile deviation) due to improper use or assembly.

Stretching Exercise:

You may think that stretching exercises and techniques such as Jelqing would make your penis bigger, but it doesn’t work like that.

When your penis expands during an erection, it’s only because the pressure from inside builds up until it forces blood out through the opening at the tip. By doing exercises to stretch your skin, like those used for growing taller without surgery, you’ll be able to extend how far your skin will go before tearing


The penile enhancement surgery has become more common recently. There are two types of surgeries typically done for penis enlargement: grafts and implants.

Grafts involve taking fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the underside of the penis to add volume.

Implants are inserted under the skin to create additional length. Both procedures carry risks; plus, there’s no guarantee they’ll help you gain any size at all!

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What Penis Size Do Women Want?

There’s no jury on the size of your penis.

Walking around with unrealistic expectations about sex are easy to do because porn creates a certain number of unrealistic expectations in which sexual performance will be always amazing and orgasmic each time because of all that intense stimulation.

The worst part is porn sets us up with these misguided expectations and then asks us to be thrilled with normal sex afterward.

For female anatomy to find her sensitive areas namely the clitoris and the G spot is more important for a woman than having a specific average size erect penis.

Researchers say the size of the penis doesn’t have a direct huge impact on sexual satisfaction, and they also found it was important for a healthy body to be healthy. “77 % of penis lengths are ‘unimportant’ or totally unimportant ‘.

How to Correctly Measure Your Penis?

To measure your erect penis, take a tape measure and wrap it around the thickest point of your erection. Make sure that the tape is level.

Once you have taken this measurement, divide by pi (3.14) and that will give you your circumference measurement in inches. To measure your erect girth, take the circumference and add half of its length.


There are many factors that play a role in erect penile size. Knowing the general measurements and the average of an erection will help dispel some myths and provide realistic expectations for both partners.

Sexual performance, sexual satisfaction, and g spot stimulation don’t all rely heavily on this measurement of erect penile length.

Take the time to educate yourself on what constitutes a good erect penile measurement, so you are prepared with accurate information when discussing your partner’s needs with him or her.