Sexual Addiction

sexual addiction

The term sexual addiction refers to having excessive sexual feelings or urges that negatively impact relationships, health, or other aspects of your life. Sexual addiction can be viewed from many different perspectives. Thus, it bears a variety of names. Hypersexuality, sexual compulsivity, hypersexual disorder, sexual impulsivity, and sexual addiction disorder all describe sexual addiction. In […]

Balanitis Symptoms


Balanitis is when males who have not undergone circumcision are more prone to developing balanitis, a curable illness. It’s primary symptoms are pain and swelling on the penile head. Commonly used treatments include antifungal creams, antibiotics, improved personal hygiene, and, in certain cases, circumcision. Balitis, which is the term used to describe¬†clitoris¬†irritation, can also affect […]

Is it healthy to sleep naked?

Sleeping naked

Even if it might not be your first option right now, you should think about the advantages before putting on your pyjamas for the evening. A lot of troubling sleep statistics show that Americans aren’t receiving the amount of sleep they need, even though effective and deep sleep is extremely important for your general health. […]